Costs of Kyudokan Karate

Kyudokan Karate is exceptional value for money. A single monthly fee gives you access to all our 5 dojos and training classes.
For Seniors this is up to and over 30 hours a month, for Juniors up to and over 24 hours a month.

Karate Costs

1Monthly Training Fees

Junior x 1 £30
Junior x 2 £55
Junior x 3 £75


Senior x 1 £40
Senior x 2 £75
Senior x 3 £100


Parent + 1 x children £60
Parent + 2 x children £80
Parent + 3 x children £100
2 x Parent + 1 child £80
2 x parent + 2 x children £100

Monthly training fees include unlimited training sessions per month at any of the following venues: Bitterne Leisure Centre, Holly Hill Leisure Centre, Chamberlayne Leisure Centre and Places Leisure Centre in Eastleigh.

2Annual Membership & Insurance
Juniors & Seniors

£24 Per Year

The annual membership fee includes the student in our group third party insurance policy (details available on request), and also allows students to enter our belt grading system.

3Grading Fees

£20 9th -4th KYU (red – purple belt)

£30 3rd KYU (brown belt 1 stripe)

£35 2nd KYU (brown belt 2 stripe)

£40 1st KYU (brown belt)

£120 1st dan black belt (Includes sparring partner for day) or £180 to include personalised silk black belt.

£50 2nd dan black belt

FREE 3rd dan black belt and above

Grading fees includes: belt, certificate & examination fee.

If unsuccessful the grading can be repeated after a period of time with no extra costs
4Extra Grading Training

These special monthly 90 minute sessions will focus on the technical requirements needed for the students next grade including, basics, Tachai kata (foot work & stances), kata (form), kumite (sparring) and bunkai (applications of Karate)

Extra Grading Training is an additional cost of £10 (maximum 10 places per session)

Additional Optional Costs

1Weapons Training
Kobudo or Weaponry has always been accepted as a progression in karate but not really studied enough.
Weapons training is an extra cost of £10 for 90 minutes (maximum 10 places per session)
2Children's Birthday Parties
Be a Black Belt and sensei for the day!

Samurai party £105 (£78.75 for members)
Karate party £130 (£97.50 for members)
Ninja party £150 (£112.50 for members)
Kyuology sessions focus on coping with everyday stresses, anxiety and supporting you through life’s challenges.
Three-week courses consist of twice-weekly 1-hour sessions and are held in our purpose built traditional dojo, conveniently located in the centre of Southampton.
Courses are exceptional value at only £45, including all relevant insurances and tuition by highly qualified instructors. Participants are not required to be a member and pay monthly or annual fees.
4Private Lessons with Sensei Morris

one 2 one

£35 - 1 hour
£50 - 2 hours
£70 - 3 hours

one 2 two

£45 - 1 hour
£60 - 2 hours
£80 - 3 hours

10% discount when booking 4 or more sessions

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