Japanese terminology is used in all Kyudokan sessions. It is commonly used in most dojo all over the world as it is the universal language in Japanese martial arts


dachi/tachi stance

heisoku dachi closed foot stance (feet together)

musubi dachi formal attention stance (heels together, feet at an angle)

heiko dachi parallel stance (feet shoulder width apart)

hachiji dachi natural stance (feet shoulder width apart, toes slightly pointed out)

shiko dachi horse riding stance

zenkutsu dachi front stance (back knee drops down to front heel)

renoji dachi tick stance

neko ashi dachi cat foot stance

sanchin dachi hourglass stance (back toes in line with front heel)

Hand Techniques

tsuki punch or thrust
uchi strike
uraken backlist strike
nakadaka ken middle finger knuckle fist
empi/hiji elbow
choku tsuki straight punch
nihon tsuki double punch
sanbon tsuki triple punch
kizame tsuki leading punch, jab
oi tsuki lunge punch
gyaku tsuki reverse punch
ura tsuki short punch (palm side up)
age tsuki rising punch
tate tsuki vertical punch
kagi tsuki short punch
furi tsuki circular punch
mawashi tsuki round hook punch
heiko tsuki parallel punch
nagashi tsuki flowing punch
shotei/teisho tsuki palm heel thrust
nukite tsuki finger thrust
ko uchi bent wrist strike
ura ken uchi back fist strike
shuto uchi knife hand srike
hiji uchi/ate elbow strike/smash
tettsui uchi bottom fist strike
shotei/teisho uchi palm heel strike
tsukame grab
tora guchí tiger mouth

Foot Techniques

geri kick
ashi foot/leg
josokutei ball of the foot
sokuto foot edge
kakato heel
haisoku instep
hiza knee
mae geri (kaegi) front snap kick
mae geri (kekomi) front thrust kick
mawashi geri round house kick
ushiro geri back thrust kick
yoko geri (keagi) side snap kick
yoko geri (kekomi) side thrust kick
kansetsu geri stamping kick, joint kick
hiza geri knee kick
ashi barai foot sweep
mae tobi geri jumping kick


Blocking / Receiving

jodan uke receive upper
chudan uke receive middle
gedan uke receive lower
uchi uke inside forearm block
morote uke augmented block (double handed)
mawashi uke round house block
tora guchi double handed open-hand circular block
hiza uke knee block