History of Goju Ryu Kyudokan Karate

Goju-ryu 剛柔流, founded by Chojun Miyagi, is one of the main traditional Okinawan styles of karate. Goju-Ryu, Japanese for “hard-soft style,” combines hard striking attacks such as kicks and close hand punches with softer open hand circular techniques for attacking, diverting, and controlling the opponent, including locks, grappling, takedowns and throws. Goju-ryu incorporates both circular and linear movements. Importance is also placed on breathing correctly, in addition to spiritual training methods that include body strengthening and conditioning.

David Morris Sensei デヴィッドモリス 先生 has over 40 years experience in Karate, more than 30 of which have been spent as a full-time karate teacher, indeed some of the karateka at his Kyudokan 求道館 school represent 2 or even 3 generations of the same family.

The Kyudokan is affiliated to Nihon Goju Ryu Karate Do 日本剛柔流空手道 which means it is a Bubishi linage school. The Bubishi is considered to be the ‘bible’ of Karate. Under the Nihon Goju Ryu Karate Do umbrella, the Kyudokan is connected to the Bubishi Kenkyukai 武備志研究会 - a study association dedicated to the teachings of the Bubishi.

David continues to travel to Japan to study under Yonemoto Kyoshi Sensei 米元先生 at his Seibukan Dojo 清武館 in Tokyo 東京.

Kyudokan, or kyu-do-kan, translates to “search for the way”. This is the essence of our karate, and most importantly our karateka, because only with the correct, authentic, guidance and, importantly, the freedom to explore one’s own path can we ever expect to reach true fulfilment and enlightenment in our studies.

Whilst many schools and karateka may believe the important journey is the path that leads them to their black belt; our philosophy is very different. At the Kyudokan, far from being the end of the journey, the attainment of the black belt, after many years of regular and dedicated training, represents the beginning of the true journey.

By far the biggest step of all though, is walking through the dojo doors for the very first time… We look forward to welcoming you.

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3 hours ago

Kyudokan Goju Ryu Karate Do

🥋🥋Wonderful Sunday session, breaking into small groups with the 4 Sensei's and 3 Senpai's🥋🥋

🥷🥷Every Sunday 11:45am Holly Hill Leisure Centre 🥷🥷

➡️Next Session - Tuesday 5:30pm Places Leisure Eastliegh, Look forward to seeing you all there!⬅️

⚠️Reminder - last session of the year is available to book Sunday 19th - make sure to book on via the app⚠️ #kyudokan #karate
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1 day ago

Kyudokan Goju Ryu Karate Do

🥋🥋 Great Saturday Session, focused on take downs! 🥋🥋

🥷🥷 Every Saturday 10:30am at Winchester sport and leisure Park 🥷🥷

➡️Next Session Tommorow 11:45am at Holly Hill, Looking forward to seeing you all there! ⬅️ #kyudokan #karate
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2 days ago

Kyudokan Goju Ryu Karate Do

🥋🥋 Another great session, lots of sparring and ground work 🥋🥋

🥷🥷 Every Friday Bitterne Leisure Centre 6:30pm 🥷🥷

➡️Next session - Tommorow 10:30am Winchester Sports and Leisure Park, look forward to seeing you all there! ⬅️ #kyudokan #karate
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3 days ago

Kyudokan Goju Ryu Karate Do

🥋🥋 Awesome Session tonight, After a very tough warm up we focused on Kata and Yakusoko Kumite 🥋🥋

🥷🥷 Every Thursday 6pm at Chamberlayne leisure centre 🥷🥷

➡️ Next Session Tommorow 6:30pm bitterne leisure centre, looking forward to seeing you all there! ⬅️ #kyudokan #karate
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5 days ago

Kyudokan Goju Ryu Karate Do

🥋🥋 Another Great Session tonight, focusing on Kata and Yakusoko Kumite 🥋🥋

🥷🥷 Every Tuesday 5:30pm at Places Leisure Eastliegh 🥷🥷

➡️ Next Session Thursday 6pm at Chamberlayne Leisure Centre, look forward to seeing you there! ⬅️ #karate #kyudokan
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3 weeks ago

Kyudokan Goju Ryu Karate Do

🥋🥋 Another big Session on Tuesday! 🥋🥋

🥷🥷 Every Tuesday 5:30pm at places leisure Eastliegh 🥷🥷

➡️Next session - Thursday 6pm at Chamberlayne Leisure Centre, look forward to seeing you there! ⬅️ #kyudokan #karate
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3 weeks ago

Kyudokan Goju Ryu Karate Do

🥋🥋 Another Great Session Yesterday! 🥋🥋

🥷🥷 Every Sunday 11:45am at Holly Hill 🥷🥷

➡️ Next Session - Tuesday 5:30pm at Places Leisure Eastliegh, look forward to seeing you all there! ⬅️ #kyudokan #karate
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Day 5

On returning to Stefan Sensei’s dojo I was thrilled to see students who could not make the earlier class in the week. It was explained that exams were being held at this time of year so class numbers were going to be small.

This was not the case and I was amazed of the commitment made by everyone. So much so, nobody wanted to leave so we continued the lesson.
I think everyone enjoyed the lesson where we studied the applications in pairs from Gekiha. After the lesson we stayed around to chat and I got to know the students and their families.

A very good class, the tiredness creeping up, we made our way home
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Comment on Facebook

Dave Sensei thank you for your time. The stundents enjoy evey sec. Can not understand way the time go so fast. Learn something new every time. The chicken kick.Thank you and Pietman sensei.

Day 4

For for some people studying karate every day might seem a bit excessive for me that’s what I enjoy most of all. It’s the medication I need for my illness. Sharing ideas and techniques with like-minded people is very rare and it is difficult to find someone who thinks the same. Pietman sensei is one of those rare people whose interest in karate is the same as mine.

Today we studied kumite, how to take then advantage by getting a unconscious reflex from your opponent, relaxing his guard, allowing you to attack strongly. Pietman and i continued many repetitions using the kamae from Unshu, Siafa and Sanchin katas.

The most important part of kumite is to ask yourself “ how do I get to my opponent safely, “ he is not just going to let me. Long karate stances will inhibit your ability to change direction quickly. Short stances are faster and much easier to change direction if your advance is restricted . Pietman is much bigger and taller than me. While discussing kumite with Daniel Sensei of the Shinbukan, i asked how i would i defeat Pietman in kumite. We laughed when he said “ use a 12bore shotgun”!

I forgot to take mine but i understood Daniel’s point.

When you have safely arrived on your opponent, it is foolish just to strike without continuing being careful and considering your own defence. Neutralise his weapons, covering his guard, sealing his guard and trapping his leg to stop his kick must be seriously considered.
Pietman and I spent many hours using different kameas from kata, always thinking of attacking safely, finding a way in without sacrificing yourself to a counter attack.

After time we came to the conclusion a 112 bore shotgun would be easier but not so enjoyable
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Day 3

I was looking forward to seeing my friend Richard Kloosman Sensei and his students again. My previous visit before the pandemic was very enjoyable, everybody enjoying the lesson.
After going through the basics with the junior class we had discussions on kata and its connection with kumite. The students questions answered with an explanation and demonstration. This was also a good lesson for me as it made me understand that conversation can be seen as kumite. Sometimes one or two words is enough for someone to understand. The similarities can be found in kumite. It may not be necessary to use multiple techniques when just a few will suffice

Hearing and seeing must be considered when demonstrating anything, Working with Pietman Sensei gave the students a visual demonstration on how the technique works. During his demonstration on Stefan Sensei, I explained why the technique works. Many thanks to Stefan Sensei, i hope he recovers soon
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Day 2

Students from Nihon Goju Ryu Karate Do Renmei 日本剛柔流空手道連盟 hing for our own personal Mokuteki 目的 aims, hopes or purpose.

In Gakushu no Jutsu 学習の術 the art of studying is very important, Lessons are passed on both through the Kuden (spoken tradition) and Densho ( written tradition). These traditions are the essence and foundation of our teachers. Pietman and I follow the teachings of Yonemoto Sensei 米元先生 and we often discuss the subtle variations in our execution of technique. After much discussion on the differences, II was reminded that we are all different branches of the same tree, but we should all grow together.

My good friend Daniel Tennent Sensei gave me good Anji 暗示 hints to share with Pietman. During study, Pinan kata was looked to more deeply and the principle of Kakari no Sen 懸の先, Machi no Sen 待の先 and Tai Tai no Sen 体々の先 to help us better understand these stratagies and as such recognise them within the kata 型, for application in our Kumite 組手 While seen by many as a basic kata, we discovered that Pinan has many benefits we had not seen before and we must contiue to study, and practice the examination and application of kata itself .
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Day 1

My trip to Cape Town, South Africa had been arranged before the world lockdown. Having been many times before i was looking forward to going to the various dojos and teaching students i had met before and meet new ones.

After getting off the plane and freshening up, Pietman sensei took me to Stefan Sensei’s dojo. I had never been there befor and was greeted with smile. I could see they were all eager to learn.

The session went very well, the lesson covering all aspects, kumite, bunkai, kata and kihon. Pietman and i separated the class into different grades. We all enjoyed the lesson but before we had realised, it was time to go.

I’m looking forward to the next lesson during the week
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3 weeks ago

Kyudokan Goju Ryu Karate Do

🥋🥋 Another Awesome Saturday Session 🥋🥋

🥷🥷 Every Saturday 10:30 am at Winchester Sport and Leisure Park 🥷🥷

➡️ Next Session - Tommorow 11:45 am at Holly Hill, Look forward to seeing you all there! ⬅️ #kyudokan #karate
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3 weeks ago

Kyudokan Goju Ryu Karate Do

🥋🥋Another Great Friday Session! 🥋🥋

🥷🥷 Every Friday 6:30pm at Bitterne leisure centre🥷🥷

➡️Next session tommorow 10:30am at Winchester sport and leisure park - look forward to seeing you all there!⬅️ #karate #kyudokan
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4 weeks ago

Kyudokan Goju Ryu Karate Do

New Winchester Dojo - Semi & Full Contact Karate
4 other locations from Eastleigh to Southampton
No Grading Fees, annual membership or insurance fees.
Free Gi and pads when you join.
Free trial available.
Winchester - Saturdays 10:30am
Eastleigh - Tuesdays 5:30pm
Chamberlayne - Thursdays 6pm
Bitterne - Fridays 6:30pm
Holly Hill - Sundays 11:45am
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1 month ago

Kyudokan Goju Ryu Karate Do

3 amazing classes every Tuesday
🥋 Black Belt only class 5:30 - 7pm
🥋Family Session 5:30 - 6:30
🥋Advanced Kids and All Adults 5:30 - 7pm
Training 5 days a week at locations around Southampton.
Fixed monthly fee, no insurance fees, no annual membership fees + NO GRADING FEES!
Now in Winchester every Saturday!
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2 months ago

Kyudokan Goju Ryu Karate Do

3 amazing classes every Tuesday
🥋Black Belt only class 5:30 - 7pm
🥋Family Session 5:30 - 6:30
🥋Advanced Kids and All Adults 5:30 - 7pm
New Dojo opens this Saturday 10:30 Winchester Sport and Leisure Park!
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2 months ago

Kyudokan Goju Ryu Karate Do

Holly Hill Leisure Centre Open Day
Holly Hill Class Every Sunday 11:45am
5 days a week and 5 Dojos around Southampton & now WINCHESTER
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2 months ago

Kyudokan Goju Ryu Karate Do

Winchester Dojo opening 10:30am Saturday 16 October
New members welcome
Free Trial
Free Gi, Mitts, Leg Pads & Gum Shield when joining
No Grading Fees or Annual Membership
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Congratulations Finley on yellow belt!

Congratulations Finley on yellow belt!👀 look who got their Yellow Belt 🙏

💛I am Super happy 😁

🥋Onwards & upwards 🙌🏻

Kyudokan Goju Ryu Karate Do
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Comment on Facebook

Well done Finley. Way to go!

2 months ago

Kyudokan Goju Ryu Karate Do

🥋🥋Another Awesome Session Last Night!! 🥋🥋

🥷🥷 Thursdays 6pm at Chamberlayne Leisure Centre 🥷🥷

➡️ Next session 6:30pm Tonight at Bitterne Leisure Centre, look forward to seeing you all there! ⬅️
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2 months ago

Kyudokan Goju Ryu Karate Do

🥋Every Sunday at Holly Hill Leisure Centre🥋
Basics, Kata, Combinations & Sparring.
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Comment on Facebook

Did you mean to put Thursday at Holly Hill.....?

2 months ago

Kyudokan Goju Ryu Karate Do

🥋🥋 Another big class at Chamberlayne yesterday, with 8 senseis and senpais split into small groups 🥋🥋

🥷🥷Thursdays 6pm at Chamberlayne Leisure Centre 🥷🥷

➡️ We have another big one tonight 6:30pm at Bitterne leisure centre, look forward to seeing you all there!⬅️
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2 months ago

Kyudokan Goju Ryu Karate Do

🥋🥋 Awesome Tuesday Session 🥋🥋

🥷Tuesdays 5:30pm at Places leisure centre Eastliegh🥷

➡️Next Session Thursday 6pm Chamberlayne Leisure Centre, look forward to seeing you all there! ⬅️
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3 months ago

Kyudokan Goju Ryu Karate Do

Kyudokan Revenge- complete! ✅

Now for the way down, well done to everyone that made it and thank you all for the support for a great cause!

Sorry no live stream as the visibility was not great and everyone was too tired!
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Comment on Facebook

Huge well done guys and thank you for supporting daddy with this challenge! You guys are legends 💪🏻

Well done, guys!!! 😁😁😁 I will try joining next time there is a trip😁

Amazing well done everyone!

Well done everyone 👍

Well done everyone! X

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3 months ago

Kyudokan Goju Ryu Karate Do
Half way up, quick break and back at itImage attachmentImage attachment

Half way up, quick break and back at it ... See MoreSee Less

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Awesome keep going guys

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  • Angi

    Hannah’s journey to karate...

    My daughter wanted to try Karate, she is autistic and has many other conditions including anxiety and hypermobile Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (hEDS). We tried some local karate sessions but in all of them her anxiety was too much to even try to take part. The sensory overload with noise, unfamiliar environment and the anxiety she was feeling made each trip unsuccessful and she was unwilling to return.

    Then we found Kyudokan Goju Ryu Karate Do, we started making enquiries and chatting to the team, explaining the complexities of my daughter's various conditions and how they manifest in unfamiliar environments. After a lot of discussion, we went to a taster session, Hannah shutdown and was unable to take part, but the team were very supportive and understood. They let her take things at her own pace, never pushing her, and giving her the space to watch and learn.

    After lockdown, a Sensei came to our house to help try to reintroduce Hannah to the sessions and do some 1:1 work with her. We got back into attending weekly again with Hannah not able to join in at the start but starting to stand at the back of the room and learn some techniques.

    Then came the point that they thought she could do her first grading, again after discussion with us both and fully understanding her needs they came to the house and tested her there. This made all the difference, being in her own environment and not being put through the grading in front of everyone else. She passed!

    This week we had a turning point that was 7 months in the making. Han was able to join in at the start of class for the first time! I have no doubt without the extra support, understanding and compassion of the team she would not have got this far. In fact that day she had been in a really low mood and been in bed all day. After the lesson she was buzzing. I was so proud of her and her mood was lifted. They make adjustments for her every week, they understand, they improve her mental health and wellbeing like nothing else does. But I know this comes at a cost to them. Hannah is going to need some more 1:1 sessions in the future to enable her to continue progressing.

    Thank you to team Kyudokan, you are making such a difference to our lives, to the outcomes for my daughter and her sense of self-esteem and self-worth, as well as helping her to manage her hEDS by improving her core strength. Thank you for your patience and understanding and the extra lengths you go to, to include her.

    Hannah's Mum
  • Martin (48), Luke (13) and Elliot (11)

    Both of my sons are members of this fantastic Karate school.

    Elliot (11) joined in March 2019 and Luke (13) in August 2019. They enjoy it immensely and I am very proud to say that they have earned their purple belts in this time. Elliot loves showing me (and anyone who will watch!) his Katas at home, and Luke is keen to become a junior instructor when the time comes.

    I decided to join in November 2019, during what was a very difficult time for me personally. I can't understate how Karate has helped me.

    The mental and physical focus was just what I needed and within a few lessons I could feel the benefits.

    It speaks for itself that during these unprecedented times of the covid pandemic, not only has the club kept running - it has grown, with more training venues and lessons being added all the time.

    Lessons are well structured, with a healthy mix of physical training, form practice, and application - all this, of course, is handled with social distancing precautions in place, and any contact is with other family members only.

    There are a wealth of experienced instructors on hand and one thing you will constantly hear is; 'Are there any questions?' This very much a two way school with mutual respect and advice apparent in bucket loads. The instructors themselves run the school with just the right balance of discipline, humour and encouragement; which keeps the atmosphere family friendly.

    I owe this school a huge debt, and if you are thinking of trying karate I can't recommend this club enough. It won't be easy, but you won't be disappointed.

    The Kyudokan is what every Karate club should aspire to be!

    Martin (48), Luke (13) and Elliot (11)
  • Paul Gibbs Sensei

    Having practiced karate myself when I was younger, I knew it was something I also wanted my kids to do, and in turn signed my son up at just six years old.

    To be honest he really needed to do something, a focussed outlet if you will; he was very active, perhaps a little too confident and was becoming a bit of a handful - always trying to fight his older brother and sisters - possibly ADHD, but definitely hyperactive.

    It took me a while to find the right club. My previous experience of karate had not been overly inspiring and everywhere I looked the clubs seemed either too ‘commercial’ or too non-contact or even overseen by crazy people wanting to teach students unsafe techniques.

    Kyudokan, however, was exactly what he needed. He soon calmed down and was able to focus his energy and his mind. His school work and behaviour improved immeasurably.

    Through the years he always worked hard for each of his gradings. The club’s Senseis helped him so much whenever he needed it. We quickly became part of the Kyudokan family and made many new friends. The Kyudokan is so much more than just a Karate club...

    Paul Gibbs Sensei
  • Harrison (9) and Mark (45)

    My son started Karate back in February this year and one of the best things we have ever done.  My son expressed an interest in Karate and as a child I also attended some martial art classes and wanted something that would enable my son to be more active and spend less time on the games console.  Harrison has now been doing Karate for the last 6 months and massively improved his confidence.  In his nature he is quite shy but this has helped him grow as an individual and to mix with others with a great team spirit.

    The club has been amazing all throughout lockdown with having zoom training sessions at the start and at times having one 2 one sessions.  This then developed into training outside in small groups and all within strict guidelines with 5 students to 1 Sensei.  I have since also joined as I was watching my son train and initially thought as an older person with a few health issues it would be too much.  How wrong was I, don't get me wrong it's tough but I absolutely love it.  We are now back inside in a very safe environment with social distancing covering 4 different locations and the value for money is excellent as we can train 1 to 4 times a week with one monthly fee.

    The Kyudokan team is very professional and well organised and the app is so easy to use to book the Karate sessions.  The teaching is brilliant with so many Sensei's to help with learning and development.  Not only do we learn Karate but it's far more than that from the history of Goju Ryu Kyudokan Karate, discipline and ways we translate to everyday life.  The team is incredibly passionate with what they do and this translates to the students.

    I am very proud as my son Harrison who has recently graded with passing his green belt and of myself for passing my first grading - red belt.  I really enjoy doing something together as a family but at the same time as an individual.

    This club is amazing and highly recommend anyone wishing to start Karate from juniors to seniors.

    Thank you

    Harrison (9) and Mark (45)
  • Simon Ellis Sensei

    I started my karate journey with David Morris Sensei in 1986, when I was 12 years old.

    To say it had a profound effect on my childhood and early adulthood would be underselling it. In terms of confidence, physical development and spiritual focus it has been invaluable.

    Over the years life has led me away from the dojo on a few occasions for a couple of years and at times, like most people's lives today, it has thrown some curve balls. It is with utter confidence that I can say that without my karate, my teachers' guidance, and the mental strength and determination that martial arts has given me, these curve balls would have beaten me.

    At 46 I continue to study, still with Sensei Morris, and I hold Kyudokan karate in my heart; striving to use its philosophies and principles in all of life's everyday battles. For this Dave, I am truly grateful.

    Thank you my friend.

    Simon Ellis Sensei