Hire the Kyudokan Martial Arts Centre

Our fully equipped central Southampton dojo is available for hire!

Conveniently located in Central Southampton with great access to local amenities and bus routes including ample free parking onsite.

Our studio is open when you need it. Be it 5am for an early yoga class or 9pm for a late night rehearsal, you'll be given an access code to enter the studio.

Comfortably accommodating up to 20 adults depending upon the activity. Fitness equipment including heavy bags, speed balls and free weights.

Use our free wifi to stream music through our top of the range Sonos sound system or simply plug in your iPod into one of the iPod docking stations. We even have disco lights!

Our studio floor provides better protection from injuries as it bounces under impact.

One of our studio walls is covered in 2.6 metre high mirrors, perfect for correcting that dance routine or your posture.

Our studio incorporates a small changing area and being on the ground floor, the gents, ladies and disabled toilets are easily accessible.

Bottled water, coffee and tea can be purchased on site for a small charge. Sit and relax using the free W-Fi or watch TV. We have lockers and an area for your kit bag and belongings.

Interested in renting our studio for your classes? The Kyudokan Martial Art Centre is the perfect space to hire for yoga, pilates or other dance / movement and martial art groups in Southampton.

1What amenities do you have available for those who rent your space
We have large kitchen facilities, ladies, gents & disabled toilets, Sonos stereo system, floor to ceiling mirrors, a 860 sq ft fully matted studio area and a chill out zone with beverages available. Situated on the ground floor, the studio considers the requirements of wheelchair users.
2What hours are the studios generally available for rent?
9am-9pm on weekends, 9am-5pm weekdays if the space is not already booked for a martial art class. During “prime time” (weekday evenings 7.30pm -8.30pm ) the studio is usually booked. However, Monday and Wednesday are free at the moment.
3What does it cost to rent the studio for events?
£25/hr peak
£20/hr off peak
4What does it cost to rent the studio for a personal yoga practice or tuition?
We have a special rate: £20 per person per hour.
5Can I rent the studio off hours? For instance, weekday mornings or lunch times?
Yes, off peak fees £20/hr will apply.
6Parking is sometimes an issue. Is there plenty of car parking?
Yes. Outside office hours there is ample parking for 18 cars plus. During office hours there are designated parking for 3 cars plus free parking for 15 cars.
7Anything else I should know?

• A 50% deposit is required to secure the rental and the balance is due the day of your event.
• We rent the studio only when space is available. We cannot cancel classes or workshops to accommodate rentals.
• There are no shoes allowed in the studio. Any food or beverages brought in must be fully cleaned up when leaving.
• No candles may be lit in the studio, but incense is permitted.

8What is the studio rental cancellation policy?

• Notice given 96 hours (4 days) or more before the rental – refund of deposit minus a £20 administrative fee.
• Notice given 48-96 hours before the party – only refund in the form of studio credit of the deposit minus a £20 administrative fee.
• No credits or refunds will be issued if cancellation is received within 48 hours or less before the party.

If you like to arrange a visit to see the facilities or to make a booking please contact info@kyudokan.co.uk