Kyudokan Goju Ryu Karate Do

Kyudokan Goju Ryu Karate Do is an established karate school of many years standing and continues to study Goju Ryu karate under the direction of David Morris.

Since its beginning, in 1979, the Kyudokan has represented the traditional values of karate and is one of the very few in the UK still teaching authentic Japanese karate. David continues to study and at 67 his visits to Japan have afforded him a wealth of knowledge, which is evident in the Kyudokan’s teaching ethos: a great depth of tradition, sometimes lacking in the more modern ‘Westernised’ schools.

Whether you are an experienced karateka or just beginning your journey; the Kyudokan will help you on your own martial arts path.

The Kyudokan has weekly training at Chamberlayne Leisure Centre, Bitterne Leisure Centre, Holly Hill Leisure Centre in Sarisbury Green, Places Leisure Centre in Eastleigh, Winchester Sport & Leisure Park and outdoors at Hatch Grange Park in West End.

Classes cater for all ages from 5 years old, all genders and abilities allowing adults and children and families to train separately or together depending on their preference.

The structured syllabus helps the student gain and develop confidence and fitness while learning the traditional ways of martial arts.

Everyone has the opportunity to progress through the grades from white belt to black belt and beyond with encouragement to undertake more in-depth study.

Why choose Kyudokan?

'Kyudokan' means to search for the way. Here are six reasons why we believe your search begins here.


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